Sunday, 5 June 2016

On Sale 9 Years Ago: Following Cerebus #10

Following Cerebus #10 (June 2007)
Art by Dave Sim & Gerhard
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Travis Pelkie said...

If the release date of June 2009 is accurate, that's 7 years ago, not 9.

Man, that's a great looking cover!

A Moment Of Cerebus said...

Apologies. Typo... it should be 2007.

Travis Pelkie said...

No problem, Tim, it happens. I would have guessed it was 9 years in between issues 10 and 12 myself.... ;)

How the heck has the petition jumped up to 947 signatures? (as of right now) Wasn't it still in the 800s just last week? Man, I get behind on reading the posts here in full and this is what happens! Dave, better get ready to go out in public for your 65th birthday, there might be 2000 by then! ;)

On another note, something I've been noticing in Previews lately is that every damn comics property (it seems) is creating an "adult coloring book". C'mon Dave, hop on that bandwagon! Get yourself some of that sweet, sweet adult coloring book money! You've already got a ton of B&W pages to choose from for the suckers -- *ahem*, "customers" to color. It'll be like printing money! (Maybe not)

(If that's what the "Friday Project" is and I've let the cat out of the bag early, I swear it was mere coincidence!)

Dave Sim said...

Hi Travis - Actually, the EXPONENTIAL JUMP in signatures is largely attributable to STUDIO COMICS, the "other" Kitchener comics publisher. We basically did the same deal with them that we did with Wes H. and THE COMIC BOOK WAREHOUSE OF WONDERS here in town: offered them free CEREBUS back issues to give away with their own Certificate of Authenticity and CEREBUS ARCHIVE FIRST RELEASE seal in exchange for them providing us with bags and boards. They've been taking them to conventions and basically doing "pedal to the metal" saturation of the vicinity and pitching people on signing the petition.

[Their CERTIFICATE includes one of those scanning codes that takes you right to the petition].

But even taking that into account, I think we all have to admit that 110 signatures over a weekend -- the big NIAGARA FALLS ONTARIO show this past weekend -- is un-effing-believable.

I spoke to Alfonso the STUDIO COMIX Head Honcho about an hour ago about getting Tiara C. -- a STUDIO COMICS creator -- to do a video of HOW she manages to get all those signatures and I'm just waiting to hear back if that's a "go".

Alfonso is also going to be getting us a list of conventions they'll be attending between now and the end of the year (STUDIO COMICS does about 38 shows a year!) so you can go out and meet these nice folks if they're in your vicinity.

Dave Sim said...

Yes, it is a very nice cover with a far more accurate greenhouse than I could ever have managed!

Dave Sim said...

No, The Friday Project isn't a colouring book. Our printing cash flow is going to be eaten ALIVE this year with READS and then GOING HOME and/or CEREBUS (which, God willing, I'll be discussing in the Weekly Update this week).

The official launch of The Friday Project will be Friday June 24 (again, God willing). 17 days to go.

Travis Pelkie said...

Probably just as well. The way your luck seems to go sometimes, Dave, the whole trend would implode just as you shipped the coloring books...

May I also say that even if I don't agree with everything you say/believe, I really do appreciate that you interact with us fans as often as you do. After Darwyn Cooke's untimely death, I realize I need to express my appreciation to my favorite creators while they're with us as much as possible, so Dave, I appreciate you! Heh.