Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Scripts for Sam Glanzman!

Photocopied all of my unsold comic-book scripts in the Cerebus Archive for Drew Ford to send to Sam Glanzman to pick one.  Here's a rundown:


I think all of these were originally submitted to Al Hewetson at Skywald (who published "Cry of the White Wolf" in the last issue of PSYCHO) and Louise Jones and Bill Dubay at Warren (who published "Shadow of the Axe" in CREEPY with art by Russ Heath).  I'd recycle scripts when they were rejected and I'd guess that's what happened with the ones I have marked as submitting to Gene Day for his House of Shadows comics titles"

1) "ELF" 9 pages science fiction submitted to Atlas Comics

2) "HELLO CHARLIE" 6 pages submitted to Louise Jones (now Louise Simonson) of Warren Publishing

3) "DEATH VOYAGE OF THE HOB'S FOOT" 9 pages to Louise Jones

4) "THE GANANOQUE AXE MURDERS" 7 page outline

5) "BLOOD IN THE MANOR FORTIER" 8 pages to Louise Jones

6) "NIGHT OF THE GHOUL" 4 pages to Gene Day

7) "THE DARK LADY OF MILLBANKE" 7 pages to Gene Day

8)  "MY DOG, DANDY"  8 pages to Bill Dubay Warren Publishing

This actually looks like a short story outline with far denser narration than we were used to "pre-Alan Moore" 

10) "THE SIDE SHOW"  5 pages

11) "WITHIN THE DARK CAVERNS" 7 pages submitted to Al Hewetson

12) "KEEPER OF THE SOULS"  4 pages


These were submitted to Al Hewetson at Skywald and included the synopsis for "Cry of the White Wolf"

1)  "A SOUL FOR IMMORTALITY" Al wrote "science fiction NO!" This is my favourite of the bunch and would make a snappy 4 or 5 pager, I think

2)  "WHEN DEATH COMES A-CALLING!"  Al wrote "Nice tight plot but I don't like it" (gotta love it!) I liked this one as well

3)  "ART PENDLETON'S AWARD"  Al wrote "is this supposed to be a usable title?" and "too obvious an ending"

4)  "CRY OF THE WHITE WOLF" Al wrote "Good title" and "good" with a circle around the middle of the outline "this one is quite interesting -- try the complete script, Dave"   Can do, chief!

5)  "PURSUIT OF THE SNOW DEVILS" - Al wrote "good title" and "toooftendone"  (which takes me a while to translate).  I like this one.  The ending is actually a surprise.

6)  "CRY WEREWOLF!"  Al wrote "Hey! This is good -- write the script".  Didn't sell, but I SHOULD have inferred that all of my stories needed to have "Cry" and "Wolf" in the title. (editors are strange)


Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

So Dave,

Would you be willing to sell these to interested parties?

Matt Dow

Travis Pelkie said...

Ooh, that'd be cool, have old Dave scripts drawn by current creators! Do them as backups in Cerebus in Hell!

"The Boys Who Cry Wolf"

"Cry, Wolf, Cry"

"The Cry of the Wolf"

"The Wolf's Sad Cry"

"Wolf, Cry, Wolf"

"Listen to that Wolf Cry"


Just a few ideas for other story titles....

Drew Ford said...

The Dave Sim scripts have arrived! I wonder which one Sam Glanzman will pick to draw?! I wonder if he will choose to draw more than one?! It's all up to Sam!