Tuesday 21 June 2016

The Cry Of The White Wolf

The Cry of the White Wolf
from Psycho #24 (Skywald, 1975)
Story by Dave Sim, Art by Stan Connerty


Jeff Seiler said...

Weird. I just did a google search on "Stan Connerty" and found nothing credited to him besides "Cry of the White Wolf". Could it be that "Stan Connerty" was a pseudonym for Dave Sim?

Travis Pelkie said...

Hmm, interesting theory. Doesn't look like his stuff (I don't think Dave was that good at...age 19?), but who knows? Also, why write under your own name but not draw under it, especially since they do promote Dave as a new talent (is that supposed to be a picture of Dave in that first panel?).

Ah, "Stan Connerty" may have been a pseudonym. From the GCD listing of Nightmare 23, Connerty appears to be a pseudonym of Paul Pueyo.

Whom I know nothing about either.


Delwyn Klassen said...

I did a quick search and came up with Luis Callado (Coch) who did some British war comics. Style is similar plus he more often draw the backs of people looking at the action as a framing device.