Monday, 20 June 2016

Askari Hodari: Day Prize Winner 10 Years Later

by Glenn Brewer

My trade paperback, Askari Hodari: Guerrillas, Gunsmoke & Mirrors is finally finished. 148 pages of gritty goodness! It's a collection of the six part comic series called Askari Hodari that I wrote, illustrated and published between 2001 and 2003. It was nominated twice and eventually won the Howard E. Day Prize in 2006. I was also nominated for a Glyph Award in the Best Self-Publisher category.

The story centers around three vigilantes fighting crime, poverty and inequity. The Askari Hodari are just as dedicated to busting heads as they are keeping folks from becoming criminals in the first place. Imagine Omar Little from "The Wire" a social conscience and high tech armor and weapons. Make sure to grab over at Amazon and check out the Askari Hodari site.

Askari Hodari will always be the 'nearest and dearest' of the Day Prize winners to my creative heart. Photorealistic comics are ALWAYS rare in the field and brilliant one like Glenn Brewer's Askari Hodari rarer still. I'd like to thank him for updating us all here as well as updating The Cerebus Archive. Glenn? The cheque is in the mail.

About the Howard E. Day Prize:
In 2002, Dave Sim and Gerhard, in memory of Sim's late mentor and self-publishing pioneer Gene Day (née Howard Eugene Day) established the Howard E. Day Prize for outstanding achievement in self-publishing. The prize consisted of a $500 cash award and a commemorative plaque awarded annually at SPACE (Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo) in Columbus, OH. The recipient was chosen by Sim and Gerhard from a pool of works submitted at SPACE the previous year. Each year the duo alternated duties, with one reading all entries received and drafting the Short List of final nominees and the other judging those books to determine the ultimate winner. The Day Prize ceased being awarded as of 2008, and was replaced but the annual Gene Day Award For Self-Publishing


Paul Slade said...

Looks great. I've just bought a copy over at Amazon.

futurepastimes said...

Will this be carried by Diamond? It's not in their system yet.

Dave Sim said...

Gorgeous looking book, Glenn!

futurepastimes - I don't know, but I would certainly hope so! You might try contacting your Diamond store rep to see if they're aware of it.

It's definitely becoming a "situation" in the Direct Market that there are more self-publishers like Glenn who just aren't linking to Diamond. By the time you've figured out how to keep yourself alive with your own website, you don't have that DESPERATION that Deni and I did in the late 1970s when Sea Gate and Bud Plant were the only way to get your book into the hands of comic fans.

Diamond's okay without Glenn's book, Glenn's okay without Diamond. There's something to be said for HUNGER as the status quo! :)

Travis Pelkie said...

If it is offered by Diamond, I will definitely snap up a copy. Otherwise, I'll have to keep it in mind as something to get if I ever go weak and start ordering comics from Amazon. I don't trust myself to do that right now, though!