Friday, 24 June 2016

"Cerebus In Hell?" Retailer Exclusives

Okay, Sandeep here, we're almost done "Cerebus In Hell?" day! In addition to posting a preview of the strips here, and sharing them on Facebook and Twitter, I've been emailing a number of retailers  and comic news sites all day. The following all received their own personalized strips to promote "Cerebus In Hell?". If any retailers or comics news sites are reading this, leave a comment and let us know if you'd like a "Cerebus In Hell?" strip for your store. Special thanks to Steve Bissette for visiting A Moment of Cerebus. Come back anytime!

Remember, new strips will be posted every day at starting tomorrow. Feel free to share!

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crazyyears said...


Our shop, Third Coast Comics, in Chicago would L-O-V-E a custom CEREBUS IN HELL? strip. You can email my partner and the shop's manager, Terry Gant, at or myself at
If you worked in a Doctor Midnite reference Terry would lose his mind.
Thanks for today. Lots of fun!

--- Michael Hunt

Jeff Seiler said...

Dave! Sandeep! Don't forget about Titan Comics in Dallas (how could you!). Jeremy (Hi, Jeremy!) always has all 16 volumes in stock.

DrakeR said...

Our comic shop chain of ten stores, Graham Crackers Comics, would love a Cerebus in Hell strip. We've been big fans, and promoters for decades, and can not wait for issue #0! I can be reached at, and as a fan thank you so much for bringing it back!
- Drake Robinson
Graham Crackers Comics

futurepastimes said...

Trent from Future Pastimes ( would love a strip!

Dave Sim said...

I'll get on these four on the next Funny Friday (for me, July 1st -- Sandeep's taking an R&R weekend for Canada Day).

Thanks for your interest!

Tim said...

Just curious about these store strips; is this essentially a flyer for them to pass to customers or more like a single item that they might display as a poster?

Mike said...

Ack! I hope I'm not too a longtime Cerebus fan and a retailer, I would greatly appreciate a personalized Cerebus in Hell strip! I own Sterling Silver Comics in Camarillo, CA, and you can reach me at mike (at) sterlingsilvercomics (dot) com. Thank you!

Dave Sim said...

Hi Tim - Largely theoretical concept that the stores will think of something to do with them that will generate interest in their stores. If you specify doing something with them and it's not what they want to do then you're just cutting your own throat.

Hi Mike! I'll put you on the list.

Mike said...

Thank you, Dave! Looking forward to it!

Chris Chettle said...

Would love a strip for Retro Rocket Comics here in Cambridge, Ontario. We've been giving away a ton of FREE CEREBUS books for the last few months and people are digging it!

Feel free to contact the owner of Retro Rocket Comics, Chris Chettle by e-mail:

Russ Bright said...

Hey Dave (And Sandeep!)

Huge Fan for a long time and VERY excited to hear Cerebus is coming back!

My Shop, Mill Geek Comics in Bothell, WA would LOVE to have a personalized strip to promote "Cerebus in Hell"!

The Remastering of the original comics has revitalized Cerebus readers at our shop
(and it helps that Sean Michael Robinson is such a cool guy to boot!)

We hope that this will help bring even more new readers to such a fantastic and iconic character!

Thanks so much for the consideration!
Russ Bright
Head Geek
Mill Geek Comics