Saturday, 10 December 2016

$21,058 @ 4:03 pm THANK THANK THANK YOU!

Now that it's looking as if the CEREBUS IN HELL? mini-series IS going to exist, I've been getting a little more serious about the promised sequel (spoiler warning) (promised at the end of #4) DOES CEREBUS GO HAWAIIAN IN HELL?  And I said to Sandeep the other day, "I've got to check out the movie poster for GIDGET GOES HAWAIIAN and see if that would work:  just do the movie poster as it is for the cover of #1 but have everyone's head bursting into flame and Cerebus worked in somewhere."

Finally remembered to check when I got back from my prayer.  And, of course, Deborah Walley is riding on James Darren's shoulders on a surfboard.  So, if James Darren's head is bursting into flames...

See. I'm not saying YES and I'm not saying NO.  I'm saying, hmmmm.  


Andrew Lariviere said...

I know a local store in Northern Massachusetts that ordered at least 15 copies of Cerebus in Hell? #0. Another store about 20 minutes up the road in Nashua NH had a bunch as well.

I bought copies from both stores. ;)

Dave Sim said...

Andrew Lariviere - Well, bless yer heart! And theirs. Can you post their names and contact info? We DEFINITELY want to publicize any and all "CEREBUS-friendly" stores as often as we can.