Saturday, 10 December 2016

$20,588 @ 12:58 pm THANK YOU!

So one of the "tweaks" that I'm hoping to do is to, as I say, tie in the First Day Cover postcard to a comic-book convention where STUDIO COMIX is representing CEREBUS.  Alfonso gave us his "so far" convention schedule for 2017.

Theoretically, if everything goes smoothly with "rolling this out", the first FIRST DAY COVER CEREBUS RESTORATION POSTCARD could be on sale January 21-22 at FrostCon in Burlington, Ontario.  You can order one (or 10 or 20) and pick it up there OR have it mailed to you with a January 23 Burlington postmark which would make it an official First Day Cover -- the first day after the convention.

January is maybe a little optimistic, so after that we have GEERECON in Guelph, Ontario (Feb 3-5); TORONTO COMICON (Mar 17-19); KITCHENER COMICON (Apr 1); CALGARY EXPO, Calgary, Alberta (Apr 28-30); ORILLIA CON in Orillia, Ontario (May 21); NIAGARA FALLS COMICON Niagara Falls, Ontario (June 2-4); OSHAWA COMICON Oshawa, Ontario (June 10);  MONTREAL COMICON Montreal, Quebec (July 7-9) and TORONTO FAN EXPO (Aug 31 to Sep 3)

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