Saturday, 10 December 2016

$20,808 @ 1:16 pm Thank You All!

What I'm HOPING is that keeping each CEREBUS RESTORATION POSTCARD as simple as possible and "tying each one in" to a specific Canadian comic book convention, we can create a fundraising tool that's affordable for pretty much everyone but with a "once in a lifetime" quality about it...

(with its "high-end aspects" as well:  I mean, if you really think you NEED a sheet AND a booklet of each monthly stamp or you want to buy 50 postcards to use AS postcards A VERY, VERY SINCERE THANK YOU FROM ALL OF US but, please, only buy what you can afford: you can still just buy the postcard with a regular stamp on it for $5)

...The postcards themselves -- set of 12 -- as I say, would be available in perpetuity as a RESTORATION fundraising tool:  here's ALL the detail from a CEREBUS ARCHIVE Portfolio panel, here's ALL the detail from a part of a trade paperback cover.  Turn it over and it has the Diamond Order Code for whatever RESTORATION it is commemorating.  As we do more CEREBUS ARCHIVE Portfolios and restore more trade paperbacks, we do more postcards.  

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