Saturday, 10 December 2016

$21,058 @ 3:50 pm THANK YOU, ALL!

I remembered to look up the CEREBUS ARCHIVE VOLUME FOUR Diamond edition order code when I was at the house:


We've been waiting for that so we can plug it into the ad we're doing next month in PREVIEWS of the first six!  

And Jeff Seiler has just offered $200 U.S. for the first sheet of CEREBUS stamps + signed letter of authenticity.  I think what we're going to say is "We'll start the bidding on eBay at $1 and then Jeff can put in his bid for $200 U.S. right away and I'm guessing that'll be 'all she wrote'".  That ALWAYS messes people up.  WHAT? HOW MUCH? RIGHT AWAY? RIGHT AWAY? WHY IS HE BIDDING THAT RIGHT AWAY!? BLACKING OUT! CAN'T BID! CAN'T BID!

Dais-y.  Dais-y.  Give me your.  Answer.  Do.


Jeff Seiler said...

Well, see, Dave, the thing is...E-Bay hates me.

No, really.

Really, really hates me.

I have never been able to get logged in there. Really. NEVER. I mean, I'm not exactly tech-savvy, but I get logged in elsewhere. E-Bay just pretends I don't actually have a bank card.

So, howzabout I just tack on $200 to my KS pledge instead?

Unknown said...

How about we get Atwal Sandeep to stand in for you on eBay?...eBay LOVES him. He actually has bought and sold things on eBay if I'm not mistaken. PERSONALLY.

(Like Atwal Sandeep it might be a "name sensitivity" thing. You're spelling it wrong. I'm pretty sure it's eBay: "Be" in pig latin.)

...'cause the other problem is: If I just sell you the stamp sheet for $200 and Margaret Liss was interested, what am I going to tell Margaret?

Jeff Seiler said...

Tell her she can trade me her copy of the #201 ashcan for the stamps. Or, I could just pay you directly $225 for the stamps and an autographed copy of the #201 ashcan.


I hope The Donald (or his soon-to-be NSA Director) is monitoring this:

THIS is how you do hardball negotiating. Take THAT, Mr., Dave.

Michael said...

Hmm, I collect stamps, I like Cerebus. Where's that eBay listing?

Unknown said...

Jeff - Looks like the "free market" is doing that "free market" thing again: and doing it all over "your" CEREBUS stamps. The nerve!

Michael - Hey! Never even thought of the crossover stamp collector angle! Stay tuned to AMOC!

Jeff Seiler said...

Damn "free market"! Guess Sandeep will have to be my proxy, after all. Niiiice Mr. Sandeep. Handsome Mr. Sandeep.

Unknown said...

I think he's okay with you calling him "Atwal" by this point.