Saturday, 17 December 2016

"One Hell Of A Chess Move"

Returning now to the letters from Dave to me, we pick up where we left off, in August of 2008. This week’s entry is dated 29 August, 08, and addresses YHWH:

Hi Jeff:

Actually, I think YHWH IS modern technology -- at least to the extent that YHWH is the light/day, etc. and is, consequently, incarnated in the form of seminal energy. To a large extent that’s what makes television so addictive and computers so devouring. The world is basically transfixed by YHWH’s purest energy form incarnations. And I think YHWH has a huge amount of control over anything that’s basically another form of her. Particularly with people who don’t inoculate themselves with faith in God, prayer, etc.

Hope everything goes okay with your tests. [Ed: I don’t really recall to what Dave was referring here, but I guess everything went okay.]

I’ve said all along that no woman should ever be ruled out for any position automatically because of her gender. I’ll look forward to reading what I would imagine will be reams of copy about Governor Palin (hopefully some of it about her political views) and that she turns out to be more Margaret Thatcher than Geraldine Ferraro.

But, no question, that’s one hell of a chess move.




Travis Pelkie said...

For the future generations (FUTURE MAN! READ CAREFULLY!), Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska was selected by John McCain to be his Vice-Presidential running mate in 2008, around the time of this letter. I believe she was the first woman on a Republican ticket, but don't quote me on that one, FUTURE MAN!

She was a VILF, though, as of course both Biden and Ryan were in 2012 ;)

And she kinda turned out to be more Billy Carter or Roger Clinton than anything else. Although kudos to her if she did in fact call out Trump on the Carrier deal and called it cronyism. I only read the headlines, though, so I'm not sure what she actually said.

And if Dave's right and YHWH does exist, Dave probably is right that she's modern technology....What time is it now?

Dave Sim said...

Hi Travis - I remember thinking when McCain picked Sarah Palin, "Hm. That's interesting." And looking forward to reading what she had to say. What KIND of a Republican was she? From that, it went straight to "Caribou Barbie" (which is a great line, don't get me wrong) and picking apart her family soap opera and I never did read anything about her as Governor of Alaska or what KIND of Republican she was.

Jeff Seiler, right after the selection, (was I talking to him on the phone?) said she looked like Tina Fey. Not having a TV, I had no idea who Tina Fey was, but Jeff certainly nailed that one in terms of Electoral Pertinence. Tina Fey vs. Sarah Palin. Tina Fey by a landslide.

Lesson (I suppose) Try to avoid nominating anyone for vice-president who looks like someone on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE.

Jeff Seiler said...

Or for President?

You may not be aware of this, Dave, but SNL has a looooong history of doing some very spot-on impersonations of presidents. I think the first was Dan Aykroyd as Nixon, then the less spot-on Chevy Chase as Ford (IIRC, Chase at least once seriously injured himself while doing a pratfall to spoof Ford).

In recent years, SNL has added vice-presidents to their list of spoofs. And, over the years, they've included presidential aides, perhaps most memorably John Belushi as Kissinger.

So, yeah, Sarah Palin pretty much "made" Tina Fey. They even once both portrayed (or, "portrayed") Sarah Palin together in the same sketch.

What will be interesting to see is whether SNL will continue having Alec Baldwin on to portray Trump. My guess is yes. Even more interesting will be whether The Donald-in-Chief will continue watching and then tweeting hate tweets about Baldwin.

Damian T. Lloyd, Esq. said...

Dave did say that women should be automatically ruled out of the position of "voter".

-- Damian

Tony Dunlop said...

Actually, Aykroyd played Carter - spot on.

"Hell of a chess move?" I had been considering voting for McCain, but after that choice I had no confidence in his judgment.

Sandeep Atwal said...

Tina Fey was great, but Julianne Moore was perfect:

Sandeep Atwal said...

Here's a better clip:

Jimmy Gownley said...

Actually Ackroyd played both Nixon and Carter. His Nixon was written by future Senator Al Franken.

crazyyears said...

Just to add to the chorus of "actuallys":
Tina Fey had already left SNL and was writing/producing/starring in the very funny 30 Rock before she was asked to impersonate Palin on SNL. The suggestion rhat somehow Palin "made" Fey rankles me, I suppose.

Damian T. Lloyd, Esq. said...

Interestingly, since at least 1988 the candidate that SNL has predicted will win the election has done so. It was interesting to see them walk back their prediction of a Hillary win in the last episode before the election.

-- Damian

San Francisco Beat Box Baby said...

San Francisco Beat Box Baby said....

Damian T. Lloyd, Esquire, Et. Al.... someone wise once said "No-one expects the Spanish Inquisition", and someone wiser still once said, "and the Gates of Hell shall not prevail against It." the Immutable, Incapable of being silenced, Indomitable, Inevitable, Holy Incarnation of Donald J. Trump is wholly Instoppable, {Irregardless of the little red lines underneath Incorrect typing} Insatiably devouring the Hildebeast and ALL OTHERS who huberebusly PRESUME to stand in HIS WAY! That being foreseen and foretold neither the Cast of Hamilton, NOR the Cast of Saturday Night Dead or Undead shall stop Our Father Trump

Without deference to the Great Pedro Martinez, Boston Red Sox, or the ungreat New York Yankees: Sir Donald John Trump is now 45TH PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND ABSOLUTELY EVERYBODY'S DADDY! and any ingrate denying such should not only be ashamed, publicly flogged and Incarcerated until re-educated, but force fed MEMBER-BERRIES like a goose-stepping goose, making FOIE GRAS {are references to other wanna-be cartoonists allowed here?[can we even call that rubbish a drawing?]}.

Jeff Seiler, I therefore respectfully suggest that EITHER you amend, revise, and extend your hubris of "The -- -in-chief" remark as even though Holy Father Trump is now your daddy too, you don't know him that well OR YOU SHALL NEED TO HAVE ALL OF YOUR PAPERWORK IN ORDER, {unless of course you are nearer Canada than any reasonable human being should be}

and...Dave Sim, as previously mentioned, no mere Hound of the Gates of Hell, even if misssspelled, even if named Bill Gates, even if named Cerebus {there are those pesky little red underlines again, is there no latitude? is this mere machine expecting me to move the "B" and use it to replace the second "R" TOO???, know wonder you are such a stickler for syntax} Gates in HELL or ELSEWHERE can prevail against Our Father Trump, so I am quite Indubitably curious, how will your hero Cerebus {sans distracting editorial, typographical red lines proving only that I can't tipe} handle the FORCE OF NATURE OUR FATHER TRUMP?

or in other words and worlds, even CEREBUS MUST BOW TOO: TRUMP

I shall expect suitable continuous royalty payments for your exponentially most successful series ever, its title, and ongoing inspiration for the next decade.......

Respectfully Matthew (16:17-18)

---If you kneel before Trump, he might not deign to acknowledge you, but at least he will prevent Isis from BEHEADING YOU

Jeff Seiler said...

Oooo-kay. Everybody just quietly pick your lower jaws up off of the ground and tiptoe slowly away from SFBBB. Now! Careful! Don't disturb it any further!! Shhh!!!

Dave Sim said...

Like I say, I don't own a television and I was never a regular viewer of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE when I did.

I did like Dan Ackroyd as Tom Snyder interviewing Mick Jagger. Spot-on Tom Snyder.

Damian - In a democracy, if you vote to disenfranchise women, women will be disenfranchised. If you vote to give women the right to vote they'll have the right to vote.

As we saw with Prohibition, nothing is carved in stone permanently.

Tony Dunlop said...

Hey, this blog finally has a Mike Bannon!

San Francisco Beat Box Baby said...


Warren G. Harding was in diapers the last time Republicans had this kind of political power

TRUMP DID THAT. but young Jeff no need to fear me or Father Trump, just accept...

It has been 90+ years since so many political offices from hillary-Catcher, and garbage Collector, to Governator, Senator, Vice-Presidentor and President-hater have been held by Republicans


The wreckage and crushed bones of actual politicians, disrespected media
non-journalists, commentators, and political pundits is so vast it looks like the old photographs of piled up bison bones that the white man shot from railroad cars for fun as the Union Pacific carved its way through Indian Territory on its way to the Golden Spike at Promontory Point Utah.....


with the encouragement of Mr. Sim, and perhaps even against Dave's will, TRUMP can stand at the Gates of Hell and say


ok well technically there was this guy named Lazarus who was fourth - first, but certainly fourth-write Cerebus come fifth is like SURREAL [note use of Merriam-Webster's 2016 word of the year AGAIN CREATED BY TRUMP IN NOVEMBER!!!, when was the last time the OED had a word of the year?? but then again the Brits don't have TRUMP!!] AND DAVE SHALL APPROVE AND CERBERUS WILL WALK AMONG US IN THE REAL WORLD AGAIN AND KEEF WILL PLAY AGAIN, AND MAYBE THEY WILL EVEN RECORD ANOTHER ALBUM AT NAZI HEADQUARTERS CALLED "EXILE ON PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE" AND MAYBE, ......WELL YOU GET THE POINT AGAIN.

Trump can do anything, He has proven that; He can bring Cerberus back, either as sidekick/best-buddy crimefighting ally, with a big red R on his chest {hey its the only letter they have in common, well except for the U but who wants a big U on his chest}, or as his most formidable enemy, only Dave can decide whether Cerberus shall adventure WITH Trump or against him, but adventure they must

it is long past time for Dave to end Cerberus' Exile From Main Street

COME ON Dave, bridge the gap, you hold all the cards but no Trump! {see even the 52 weeks of the year and the four seasons on Casino Cards are named for TRUMP} come on over to the Trump side, its warm and sunny here, Let Jimmy Stewart and Cerberus live again in this Holiday Season, because it's A Wonderful Life and Cerberus and Trump must share it.

ONLY TRUMP can give you the power, or the excuse if you need it!

Respectfully Matthew (16:17-18)

---If you kneel before Trump, he might not deign to acknowledge you, but at least he will prevent Isis from BEHEADING YOU

Damian T. Lloyd, Esq. said...

SFBBB said, "who wants a big U on his chest?" I guess he has never seen criminals in this world appear and break the laws that they should fear ...

-- Damian