Monday, 19 December 2016

Tribute Art Round-Up #14

The fan-art featured below was originally sent to Dave Sim and remains in the Cerebus Archive to this day!

Harry P.
Coventry, England (Oct. 1989)

James L.
Vernon, British Columbia, Canada (Jan. 1990)

Bruce R.
Auckland, New Zealand (Feb. 1990)
Painted on his garage wall!

Mike L.
Dearborn, Michigan, USA (Feb. 1990)

Ed H.
Lambeth, London, England (Apr. 1990)

Jan Pieter G.
Nymegen, Netherlands (May 1990)

David P.
San Antonio, Texas, USA (July 1990)


Dave Sim said...

We should be able to provide a few of these for AMOC "going forward". One of the instructions that I gave Dave Fisher in scanning the Correspondence Archive was to separate out the CEREBUS Fan Art in a separate digital file and forward it to TimW.

Now that CAN6 is, ahem, "in the can" Fisher and Rollie will be putting in some major hours on the Correspondence in the New Year.

Tentative plan is to have as many complete years as possible scanned and ready as pledge items for CAN7 (tentatively scheduled for mid-February or early March).

In order to keep CAN7 as simple as possible, I'm also considering doing a separate Kickstarter just for the digital items. Instant gratification by e-mail!

Travis Pelkie said...

Wolveroach makes the list (first chronologically!) and is even in the featured artwork up top.

Dave Sim said...

Nice to see that Bruce R. has it as being painted on HIS garage wall and not A garage wall.

Travis Pelkie said...

Before this one gets knocked off the front page, I should point out that the one about in the middle credited to Ed H. is signed Ilya, which means it's Ed Hillyer (sp?), who I believe assisted with some of Eddie Campbell's Bacchus stuff, as well as doing The End of the Century Club. He's also edited things like the Mammoth Book of Cult Comics, which appears to be a nice collection of stuff that you'd like if you liked the Cerebus Preview/Single Page stuff.