Saturday, 10 December 2016

$20,368 @ 11:38 am THANK YOU!

The further tweaking is to have a different CEREBUS stamp for each postcard.  Starting with the assumption that the first postcard will be the Cerebus figure from the cover of Volume One so that will also be the image on the stamp.  And the postcard will be available in perpetuity, but the stamp will only be available on a First Day Cover basis:  all done by advance order.  You pay in advance and you're guaranteed to get a First Day Cover postcard and stamp.  You can also order a book of stamps and a sheet of stamps.

And as a thank-you for all of the hard work Alfonso's STUDIO COMIX has been doing for us around Canada, you'll also be able to get a First Day Cover postmarked in the convention city that STUDIO COMIX is representing us at (they're in Toronto today! Drop by and get your free CEREBUS comics at their booth!).

Okay, noon prayer time coming up and then I have to go and pick up my drawing of Joe Shuster from the first SHUSTER AWARDS poster at King Framing here in town for the "Superman entrance" of the Off-White House.  And drop off page 2 of JUDENHASS with my portraits of Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster, Jack Kirby, Joe Simon, Stan Lee,  Max Gaines, Sheldon Mayer and Will Eisner for framing next week.

Hope to be back in about an hour or so and I'll check the comments sections of this morning's posts to see if anyone has any questions.

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