Saturday, 10 December 2016

$21,098 @ 4:19 pm Thank You, EVERYONE!

It's going to be a little strange from here until the 7:41 ending.  This close to the winter solstice my sunset prayer is around 4:45 pm and night prayer is around 6:12 pm.  I really just got back from my 3pm prayer and I have to leave again soon.


Jeff Seiler said...

Hey, look at it this way: It gives you plenty of time to gobble down your tuna, jalapeno coleslaw, and pineapple, plus a good eight hours or so of sleep. Sure beats the six hours or so of darkness in July and August, eh?

Unknown said...

Yes, the biggest pluses are being able to eat at 6:30 at night and to have more than four hours' sleep between my last prayer/eating and first prayer/eating the third week in June.