Saturday, 10 December 2016

$21,058 @ 2:18 pm

I do appreciate the feedback on the CEREBUS RESTORATION POSTCARDS.  We'll probably do the pricing on them the same way we do on the CEREBUS ARCHIVE Portfolios:  a Canadian $ amount for the Pledge Partners and the same price but in US $ through Diamond (factoring in Diamond's discount balanced off against the larger amount that they take).

$19.95 seems "do-able" for just the basic "bare bones" 12-card set in a plastic bag.  We can maybe bring that down a bit depending mostly on what the Canadian $ is doing.  Which up until a little while ago was dropping pretty steadily but then suddenly levelled off and then started climbing.  73 cents was the bottom and its now hovering between 75 and 76 cents.


Malcolm X said...

From Facebook:

1) Regular edition: 9.99
2) Regular edition + 1 limited Sticker (out of 4): 12.99
3) Regular edition + special signed postcard by Dave: 22.99
4) Limited numbered Edition (101-500): 29.99
5) Limited numbered Edition + all 4 sticker): 44.99
6) Limited signed edition + all 4 sticker (51-100): 69.99
7) Limited signed edition + all 4 sticker (21-50): 99.99
8) Limited signed edition + all 4 sticker (11-49): 149.99
9) Limited signed edition with personal drawing on your favorite postcard + all 4 sticker (2-10): 229.99
10) (The holy grail) Limited signed edition including all postcards signed + personal drawing on cover recreation + all 4 sticker (1): 499.99

Jeff Seiler said...

Whose suggestion is this?

Unknown said...

Some guy named "Facebook", evidently.

"Personal drawing" by whom? I wonder.

I've done a couple of CEREBUS IN HELL? Christmas cards the same way I mock up my strips. "Personal" enough? "Drawing" enough?

al roney said...

20-bucks for 12 postcards is a nice deal.

I'd send 'em out to friends who have zero clue about Cerebus (or comics for that matter).

Hmm, this Facebook thing - something on the interwebs I assume?

My pledge is in for CAN6. Like I said before, I'm getting less enthused about them as we go along. While i like the faster turnaround time, it's really the "extras" that keep me happy on the bus (along with the cause of course)including BP's and that sort of thing.