Saturday, 10 December 2016

$20,263 @ 11:03 am Thank thank thank you!

We're trying to keep a lid on the number of survey questions (which most people appreciated -- a great deal! -- last time).  This time, our major interest is going to be "Did the CAN6 launch come too soon after the CAN5 launch?" -- i.e. roughly two months -- with optional answers of "Too soon: should be every three months"  "four months"  "five months";  "'Goldilocks' by me: keep 'em coming"; and "Not soon enough.  Can you do these monthly?"

And, of course, we'll share your comments and let you know the breakdown of responses when we launch CAN7.

Two months is, I think, the fastest we COULD go (although we are getting much faster) but we might add in a month -- i.e. CAN7 launching in March 2017 -- and see if that moves the pledge level back up closer to the $30K mark we hit the last two times.

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