Saturday, 10 December 2016

$20,158 @ 10:43 am. Thank you!

What your very generous pledges are helping to finance:

Referring to the Diamond Inventory of CEREBUS material as of yesterday:

They have "quadruple digit" and "triple digit" "Dave breathes easy" quantities of most of the books.

In the "double digit" category they have JAKA'S STORY, MELMOTH, LATTER DAYS and THE LAST DAY which is also "breathe easy" because we have inventories of each of those books that represent probably three or four Diamond-sized orders (based on Diamond's ordering patterns over the last couple of years).

At the moment, MINDS is in the "not breathe easy" category of double digits of a title we don't have ANY inventory for.

Which is why it's next on the list for restoration and printing.  Stage One - scanning the originals in the Cerebus Archive and the pages Gerhard has -- has already taken place and now we've moved to Stage Two - Sean restoring and remastering the scans, as well as scanning and remastering printed copies of the pages that we don't have (roughly 50 out of 280).

Stage One and Stage Two are both "pure overhead" phases: they cost money to do with no money coming in on them.

So thanks to all of our pledge partners for helping to finance that!  

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