Saturday, 10 December 2016

$20,263.00 @ 11:15 am

I apologize for the fact that a lot of what we're doing "behind the scenes" isn't showing up on your radar screens yet.  One of the things that we're doing is developing a "wish list" for ways to process the Kickstarter information to help us "better serve you" while maintaining as close to 100% privacy for each of you as possible.

One of the things I wrote down today was to pay someone to develop software that would "crunch" the online information from all of our Kickstarters so far into KICKSTARTER ALPHA, BRAVO, CHARLIE, DELTA, ECHO, FOX TROT and GOLF categories.  ALPHA would be anyone who has participated in all six CAN KICKSTARTERS. BRAVO anyone who has participated in five, CHARLIE anyone who has participated in four, etc.  And further "crunch" those lists into patterns: ECHO and FOX TROT where they've participated in the most recent Kickstarters (i.e. loyal newcomers) and those who skipped a Kickstarter.

The idea being that we could smooth things out for the ALPHA folks -- soliciting their input -- as well as offering assistance to people who maybe missed a Kickstarter for one reason or another but who would otherwise be on the Alpha list.

We've been working on the software "wish list" for a while because you want to get the whole thing done STRUCTURALLY as solidly as possible and that involves being very specific about the computer capabilities you're looking for.


Jeff Seiler said...

Dave, as I think you may have surmised, I will remain steadfastly in the Alpha group (two portfolios, at least, every time around) for as long as this goes on. Just wondering, though: Maybe, down the line, you could consider some sort of premium "bonus" for the Alphas? Maybe you could tie it in with a nice, but not so premium, "bonus" for Bravos and Charlies who "return to the fold"?

Just thinking out loud.

Dave Sim said...

No, that's a good idea, Jeff. We want to stay focussed on what "logistics-as-fixed-costs" that we're doing. That is, it costs a fixed amount of money to ship each portfolio and as long as we stay under the weight limit and keep anything we add to the package under that weight and -- serious variable -- not add anything that "rattles around" and can get damaged itself or damages the portfolio, there's a certain amount of flexibility there. And the labour costs of anything we add in. I've been looking seriously at the adhesive MANIFEST pouches that FedEx uses on their large packages. Something like that you could put a comic book in and stick it to the inside of the cardboard mailer and just seal it with a bit of tape.