Saturday, 10 December 2016

$20,158 @ 10:33 am! THANK YOU THANK YOU!

If Sean is reading this, something I keep meaning to ask: can you list the ART DRAGNET pages for CEREBUS Volume One that will be new to this printing?

There was a bit of a surge there, which I think might have been attributable to CEREBUS IN HELL #0 hitting the stores with the AMOC plug on the inside back cover.

I can relate to the "fan anguish" that causes.  I always try to relate it to Alex Raymond's RIP KIRBY.  Would I buy a new printing of IDW's RIP KIRBY books if I knew there were high quality restored scans of newly rediscovered originals included?  I'd say, yes, speaking as someone with virtually no disposable income, since that's basically what I did with the Ron Goulart book:  there were maybe five RIP KIRBY strips in there that I didn't have high resolution restored scans for but -- $70 Canadian for five new strips?  I'm in.

I'd probably try and think of someone I could give my old copy to who might get hooked.


Travis Pelkie said...

Perhaps either donate to a library or a comic shop that would promise to lend it out to people who might be interested, rather than just re-selling it?

Wait, I'm not sure, was this hypothetical, or did you get a new copy?

But yeah, in general terms, those 2 things would be possibilities as to "re-gifting" a book like Rip Kirby or Cerebus, I'd say.

Travis Pelkie said...

Another thing, just sent an email to Rich at Bleeding Cool in case he wanted to feature the Kickstarter. I mentioned they were the cunty-cunt pages, so hopefully he can get some click bait that way.

And I did mention the Kickstarter again at the piece you can get to if you click on my name. Just a small mention at the end of a column about other stuff completely, for what it's worth.

Travis Pelkie said...

Unfortunately Rich isn't able to post anything today. I knew I should have sent him something earlier!

Dave Sim said...

Thanks, Travis! As always, we all appreciate your help.

No, in the case of RIP KIRBY it's entirely theoretical so far as I know. That is, I think IDW just does another printing when they're sold out of a RIP KIRBY book because they don't have sufficient "velocity" to warrant devoting more time to them. I'm guessing that maybe 1 in 20 strips is shot from the original artwork in the RIP KIRBY printings that I have and I know from the Heritage Auction catalogues that a LOT of the originals 1) still exist 2) have been scanned and 3) are publicly available from But IDW is a business. They have to prioritize their time as we all do for whatever is going to pull the most weight in keeping them going. RIP KIRBY really isn't in that category, I don't think.

I'm still amazed that all of Raymond's RIP KIRBY is in print in English. For years, all I had were Spanish reprints.

Sean R said...

Hey Dave,

Excellent idea! Will do for this week's restoration update.

Dave Sim said...

Thanks, Sean!