Friday, 9 December 2016

Gary Groth: "Modestly Enthusiastic About Cerebus"

Gary Groth (publisher, Fantagraphics Books) from We Told You So: Comics As Art,  
an oral history of Fantagraphics Books by Tom Spurgeon with Michael Dean.


adampasz said...

Yikes! I was not ready to see Gary Groth in his underpants so early in the morning!

Dave Sim said...

adampasz - I'm not much of a one for Trigger Warnings but, "right with you" on that one, adampasz!

Dave Sim said...

adampasz II - Actually, now that I see the cover magnified, that isn't a .357 -- that's a .45 Gary's holding!

And if you're talking about the guy at the computer terminal I think a) that's Kim Thompson and b) it's Bermuda shorts.

But, in a "general principle" sense, I think we should have a "no Gary Groth in his underpants" rule here at AMOC. Better safe than sorry.