Saturday, 4 July 2020

The Bizarre Autopsy of The Strange Death of Alex Raymond: What went wrong, AND HOW! (The July 2020 Please Hold For Dave Sim)

Hi, Everybody!

So Dave called Thursday, we talked for just under two hours, so I hope you've got some time on your hands...

We begin with my daughter Janis, marking her third appearance talking to Dave. This month I told her she had to read Cerebus #1 and draw her own strip. (This actually took place after part ten or eleven, but I moved it to the front so we could get Please Hold For Dave Sim Jr. out of the way first:
This one's going up to Dave too.

Then we get into it:
Click for bigger if you're REALLY into purple...

Part one: Dave reads a letter from a fan who's name I don't know how to spell. And answers the questions posed by Michael R.:
Hi Dave!
1- When did you see SDOAR coming to an end?
2- Was it sudden of kinda creepin' along?
3- What was the straw that broke your back?

Also, I know you made up your mind when you said, " I'm afraid I've had enough", but you also said, " I hope to work in SDOAR VOLS 3, 4 and 5 as a hobby, but that really unlikely". Well, if you "hope" then I believe there's still a chance. I still believe in Dave Sim and I believe that Eddie will get VOL 1 to the 123.

Part two: Dave's answers.

I can't really understand my notes, so you're kinda on your own now... Part three:

Part four:

Part ten: Okay, I know that this one involves Dave letting the cat out of the bag about a (formerly) TOP SECRET project with the Waverly Press: a new version of Spawn #10 with all new Dave art.

And since I almost forgot:
Heritage has the cover for issue #30, and some glamourpuss art too, NEW ADDITION: Strange Death of Alex Raymond preliminary sketches by Dave.

And the buttons go bye-bye: The Red State Button and The Blue State Button

Cerebus in Hell: Attractive Cousins (available at the end of July), Batvark PENIS! or the "Censored for Grandma" variant: Batvark XXXXX! are currently available for order from your local Comic Book Store. Signed copies of Vark Wars: Walt's Empire Strikes Back  (ya gotta click for details.)

Next Time: Oliver and all the things from all the internets...


Michael R. said...

Hi Matt!
I just converted all 14 parts from YouTube to MP4 files. Now you don't have to repost them for me. LOL. Now I can listen at my own leisure.
Happy 4th of July to and yours!

Steve said...

Funny thing: I've actually never read Spawn #10, or any other issue for that matter.

Couldn't get thru the Ninja Turtles issue either.

Or any of the CIH? titles, now that I think of it.

....guess my Cerebus Phan Klub card just got revoked...


Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

Michael: OH SURE! I SEE HOW IT IS...

Steve: Not revoked, but you're on double secret super probation. And don't let Mags find out or you might end up in Fan jail...


Jeff said...

M. and Lenny put me in fan jail a coupla years ago. Luckily, I had a lockpick hidden under my tongue.

Still, don't cross M. She WILL lay you out and then correct you in a way that makes you want to be a better person.

She's (shh!) my hero. M. is the most humble and the strongest, kindest woman I have ever met. I am honored to count her as a friend.

But, Sim is still #1 friend.

Sorry, M.

Anonymous said...

This is a lot to get through, and honestly the sound (on Dave's end) is really poor.

If anyone has listened to some or all of these can you share what struck you as most important, and anything describing his intentions to work (or not work) in the future? Thanks so much.

Eddie said...

She has finished reading the first book of Cerebus and will be reading more, if and when her dad lets her, maybe including the AMELIA RULES crossover. She sounds like she's having a good summer and is hopeful about a trip to Florida.

Damian T. Lloyd, Esq. said...

Happy treason day to all you ungrateful colonials!

Brian West said...

A belated thanks to you, cousin! Happy Belated Canada Day to you and the rest of the citizens of The Dominion of Canada who happen to be reading this.

Jeff said...

Re: the first video/conversation, a looooong time ago, Dave asked me to tell him what parts were not appropriate for minors. Not miners--they'd love it all.

So, I sent him a long list of what kids shouldn't see. I'm sure it's in the Archive.

I started at page one and went all the way to page 6,022.

But the one I advised him never to let kids see is the panel in "Going Home" when Jaka is cleaning herself after having had sex with the little grey bastard.

Matt, don't let J.P. see this post. And, definitely don't let her read about two-thirds of the 6,022 pages until she's around 50. Maybe, after you're dead.

Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Agreed with Anonymous. And you can't just crank it up to hear Dave, because then your eardrums are blown out when Matt speaks. Unlistenable.

The gist of it, anyone?

Another Anonymous

Jeff said...

Finally getting around to watching and listening to all of the videos.

Jesus, Matt! It's not rocket science. Earpiece of the phone RIGHT BESIDE YOUR RECORDER.

I know that Dave's phone supposedly only does speakerphone (I have repeatedly offered to buy him a new land-line phone, but he always demurs.) But, when he calls me, I can effing HEAR him.

Okay. That's me, down off the box now.

And, maybe the wife and girls have a spa day, so that they're not always whispering in your ear and the mic?

Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...


I generally try to stay out of things like this but I'm going to break my own rule and engage here; maybe it's just me but it comes across rude or bad form to suggest to Matt that his wife and girls go to the spa. I understand why you said it, I'm sure you didn't mean to be rude, but from the outside looking in that's how it comes across; to me anyway.

I really can't picture any man wanting to hear that; I don't think Matt's going to read it and think you have a good point. If you really feel that way, then the best thing would be to privately email him and word it a bit more tactfully.

Well...that's just my thoughts on it, perhaps Matt sees it differently or doesn't really care about your comment at all. Who knows?

Hope your head is feeling better after your concussion.

Back to Cerebus; having pulled out Guys to look for lettering suggestions I was flipping through it and just got the "Hey Jude" reference for the first time; when Cerebus shrinks to a tiny size on the bar stool.


A Fake Name

Jeff said...

I meant no disrespect, Matt. It's just that when you're on tha phone with Dave for however long, the lovely young women start to miss your attention and then get louder and louder in the background. Or, their up-close whispers, picked up on your phone, tend to distract from the increasingly difficult to hear Dave, who is why we're here.

Just sayin. But, eight and six, or twenty-two and twenty, or 50 and 48, or 78 and 76-year-old females are gonna do what they gonna do. Fact of life.

God bless 'em. And, may God bless yours.

Anonymous said...


That was just my supposition. Matt may not have even cared, nor been offended or anything.


A Fake Name