Saturday 10 December 2016

$21,213 @ 4:26 pm. Thank you, ALL!

Not wanting to spoil the NOTES on CEREBUS ARCHIVE NUMBER 6 for anyone who's pledged, but I was pretty happy to have a chance to talk about LITTLE ANNIE FANNY (normalroach owes a LOT to the Benton Battbarton character in the strip) and, particularly, to live in a time period where you can just scan stuff that you're talking about out of books and get pretty close to perfect reproduction. In colour!  I'm also glad we seem to be coming into a time period where that that isn't automatically deemed copyright violation.  I'm a cartoonist and I'm talking about a cartoonist's work that influenced me.  I really can't see that as a legal problem.

Back after my sunset prayer, God willing!


Steve said...

Hi Dave -

I'd be interested in reading your thoughts on being both religiously devout while also ... partaking of material such as Little Annie Fanny.

(And some day perhaps even addressing the bestiality aspects of Cerebus and your thoughts about that now.)

Can of worms, anyone?


Jeff Seiler said...

While not quite the firestorm of late pledges in campaigns past, $1,220 pledged in six and a half hours isn't too shoddy. Keep it up, thou faithful and true Cerebites!

Unknown said...

Hi Steve - I do incline in the direction of Robert Crumb's "It's only lines on paper, folks!"

I think much hinges upon your innermost intention with the material which I think, in the case of Kurtzman and Elder on LITTLE ANNIE FANNY was a) to be entertaining b) to be funny and c) to have steady work. PLAYBOY was a lot more exploitive of women than I perceived it to be at the time (or, at least, I perceive it that way now) and I did get rid of my PLAYBOYs because they seemed unhealthy in that sense.

SOME of the cartoons are an exception to that. I can't pretend that I don't find Gahan Wilson really, really funny because of the context his cartoons appeared in. Likewise Jules Feiffer. Likewise Sokol (although that's more because of his brilliant painting).

That was the same reason that I bought Dark Horse's LITTLE ANNIE FANNY volume one. It's "mannered" humour but it's brilliantly executed. The Annie Fanny bodies that Frazetta painted are among the best pieces of art I can think of.

And, in the case of our present subject, Will Elder's comedic painting of Kurtzman's visual humour. PAINTING humour is on a whole other plateau from DRAWING humour and Elder made it look easy.

I would always hang onto my LAF collection and PLAYBOY CARTOON collections for that reason. The subject matter, to me, is a very minor part of what it IS.

I'll find out on Judgement Day if God thinks that way as well.

Unknown said...

Hi Jeff - Every Kickstarter has been different. Once we crack the $800 goal -- which, so far, we've been fortunate enough to do -- I really don't think about it. It's "front end" money and everything else in our context is "back end" money. It's all gravy.

Unknown said...

I mean, I am AWARE of what's happening when I put in my hour or so a day on AMOC -- this time we were actually clicking along at $2K a DAY for the first week or so. Definitely WTF? But definitely not, "Wow! That means we're going to hit $60K this time!"