Tuesday, 4 August 2020


Hi, Everybody!

Aw jeez... I've been getting the emails up my wahzoo.

But all that shit can wait, because

This. Then:


Dave's calling for Please Hold For Dave Sim on Thursday, so get your questions in here or to momentofcerebus@gmail.com

Cerebus in Hell?:
The Daily CiH? strips have ended. (In lieu of flowers, the CiH? Team asks for large sacks of cash to be delivered anonymously to them in this, their time of mourning...)
For Order:Vault of Cerebus! And The "Censored for Grandma" variant: Batvark XXXXX 
Signed copies of Vark Wars: Walt's Empire Strikes Back (Signed by Dave, Signed by Dave and me, Signed by me after I scribble out Dave's name, Signed by my kids, Signed by my mailman, Signed by random strangers I meet on the way to the Post Office, Signed by "Jorge Luiz", Signed by You (if you get it in the mail and have a pen handy...), Signed by random Customs Agents (if you're a foreigner), Signed by Benjamin Hobbs (if you mail it and twenty bucks to him), Signed by David Birdsong (if you mail it to HIM along with twenty-FIVE bucks), Signed by Sean Robinson (if you mail it to him along with however much he's charging, I haven't asked...), Signed by Mark Hamill! (if you kidnap him. (Don't kidnap him...)), Signed however you want...)
In stores now: Attractive Cousins
And maybe by the end of the month: The Amicable Spider-Vark (there's been an issue. Hopefully by the end of the month...)
 Remastered Cerebus #1:
If you missed the Waverly Press Kickstarter for the Remastered Cerebus #1, limited overflow of the rewards are available at cerebusoverload.com
 There's pictures of the covers on yesterday's post.

Cerebus masks and whatnots with all the money going to Dave.

There's also "Cerebus in Hell? 4 Sell". With all the profits going to Aardvark-Vanaheim. Update there:
First Dave Sim says:
Then David Birdsong says: 
Dave is right. The most A-V is going to make on a T-Shirt is $5 (if that shirt that is not on sale or has a coupon code applied to it). $8 for a hoodie isn't bad, but how many hoodies are being sold? The wall art yields the best profits, but it is one of the higher priced items that TeePublic sells. There has been larger and better quality art for sale online before and that has not brought in big profits.

I'm not here to argue for or against offering merchandise to fans of Cerebus In Hell? I didn't go to work with Dave to become the A-V merchandise guy, but for some reason my bull-headedness kicked in and I was going to solve the merchandise riddle and had to keep going until I hit my head one time too many against a brick wall.

Print on demand businesses can be found all over the web these days so perhaps it is up to the fans to create their own merchandise. If you want Cerebus on a coffee mug then a quick search will bring you to the place that can make one for you.

If the fans of Cerebus in Hell? would like any of the items now listed on TeePublic I'm not going to rip the rug out from under them without warning. I'll leave the page up until the end of August and then I will be retiring from A-V's merchandise wing and getting back full-time to what I came on board to do: Make comics.

Sorry to announce a permanent online store and then set an ending for it in the same week, but if 2020 has taught us one thing it's time to get lean. If it isn't working, dump it. Made a mistake? Apologize, get over it, get back to work.

I really appreciate the dedicated group of fans that support Cerebus in Hell? month after month. Sales on the comic are actually growing at this time so I'm happy to help Dave make the upcoming issues as good as we possibly can.

David Birdsong
So, the permanent store is going bye-bye. But MY store is up forever (I'm too lazy to figure out how to get rid of it) Any POPULAR CiH? designs might get added to my store. (I gotta get Birdsong on board with that.) But all the money will still go up to Dave.

Kickstarter for Dave and Carson Grubaugh's You Don't Know Jack:

We are absolutely demolishing our initial goal and well on our way to the stretch goal of $20,000, as well as closing in on the 200 backers landmark! Thank you all so much for bringing us this far!

I think a lot of today's action came from Jack's Instagram post


Signed and Numbered Hermitage Awesomes!

I got a set of labels in the mail from Dave Sim, signed and numbered 1-40. I will also sign these and affix them to physical editions of Hermitage Awesomes catalogs.

To make this as easy as possible just pledge $20 extra to whatever tier you are currently in and let us know in the end of campaign survey what it is for. This is limited to 40, so we will let you know when we are out.

If you have a number that is "yours" from other Dave Sim related campaigns let us know in the survey and I will make sure you get that number. If it is above "40" I will hand alter the tag to your number and add a "because Carson says so" note. So, yes, Mr. Seiler, you can be "301/40, because Carson says so."


Also, since all these tiers are getting convoluted and people may want things that are not put together in a current tier, or may want multiple copies of a product - I mean, who DOESN'T want to send copies of these works to grandma for Christmas? - here is a list of prices per-item. Just add these amounts to whatever tier you have selected and let us know what you were buying in the end of campaign survey. 

All shipping is calculated for three books at a time, so if you go above three books and live in the US add $3 for every three books after the first three. International backers should double their shipping fees for every three books after the first three.

YDKJ Comic (signed by Carson, unnumbered): $15 per book

Physical copy of Hermitage Awesomes (signed by Carson, unnumbered): $20 per book

Six Macro Cons comic (signed by Carson, unnumbered): $20 per book

Strange Death of Alex Raymond Fundraiser Edition (signed by Carson, unnumbered): $105

Personalized message of your choosing accompanying a signature : $5 per book

Google-Image Grab-Bag Sketch: $70


Thank you all so much for jumping right on the Signed and Numbered Hermitage Awesomes option and pushing us ever closer to that $20,000 Stretch Goal, in which everyone who pledges $15 or more gets a free digital download of all of Dave' mock-ups, scripts, revisions, and the Sim Cut of YDKJ!


Today I wanted to provide some material you all can share on the social-medias. Our hope is to challenge those in the industry who pick political sides to put their sides aside, prove their commitment to diversity and inclusivity, by coming together in support for YDKJ, THE MOST INCLUSIVE COMIC OF 2020!!! Whether it be as backers, or merely by using their platforms to promote the work to fans.

Feel free to share the following images to anyone you think may enjoy or be able to help promote the book.

If you want to declare yourself as Team Dave, Team Jack or Team Carson, or really any other team you identify with, Team Social Justice, Team BLM, Team ComicsGate, Team Anti-ComicsGate, whatever, in the final Backer Survey please do so. We will tabulate the results and announce which team has proven to be the most supportive of Tolerance and Inclusivity*.

*This metric is carefully calculated based on a rigorous mathematical analysis of $$$ spent while willingly partaking in the DIY Capitalist activity of supporting the YDKJ Kickstarter Campaign.

Alright, I'm going to eat dinner now.

Next Time: @#$%ING Hobbs has a post that's only a tenth as long as this...


Brian West said...

Matt, any word on when exactly the CIH? 4 Sell store will officially go defunct? (Eat your dinner. Don’t answer this until you have had time to eat your dinner and chill.)

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


End of August is what Birdsong said...

So, then unless I hear differently.


Brian West said...

Thank you, Matt. Sorry to take you away from dinner.

Jeff said...

My question/s for Dave: 1) what algorithm did you utilize to determine that I misremember 98% of our phone conversations? I mean, my math says it's 83%.

2) If there were one character in "Cerebus" that you could or would want to "flesh out" more, which would it be? For example, you wrapped up Posey's unfortunate life pretty well, but there were others (like, of course, Sir Gerrick) that were just sort of left hanging. So...?

Anonymous said...

Where are the Swords of Cerebus in Hell?

Jeff said...

Um ... in Hell?

Just guessin' here...

Eff said...

You keep teein' 'em up, I'll keep on knockin' 'em out.

Tony Dunlop said...

These pages are a perfect example of the "Dave Sim does Bill Senkiewicz (sp?) doing Neal Adams" period.